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Blockchain for Each and Everyone Interaction Design

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The financial world, like other industries affected by digitisation, is undergoing rapid change. Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum have become increasingly established as investment instruments in mainstream society. PostFinance acknowledges this development by providing its 2.5 million customers with simple and understandable access to these digital assets. Nose's Interactive Experience Team has crafted a user-friendly solution, designing operating processes to seamlessly integrate into the existing e-finance platform.

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Tim Walther-Galatoire

Design Director Digital

+41 44 533 19 25

With PostFinance's crypto offering, we have taken the topic of "digital currencies" out of the computer nerds' niche and transformed it into a solution that anyone can use. The workflows are clear and concise, based on familiar processes. Anyone who has ever made an online transfer can get started without any problems.

Hardturmstrasse 171
8005 Zürich

Landline: +41 44 533 19 00,


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Schlatter corporate GmbH
Davidstrasse 45
9000 St.Gallen
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