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The Swiss start-up DDP Innovation has a big vision. An electric, all-terrain multi-purpose transport vehicle is intended to avoid emissions where they are most disruptive: in residential areas, tourist destinations and natural areas. For this purpose, the innovative, fully electric drive system Terren was developed and installed in an existing Aebi transporter. In order to demonstrate the concept's suitability for everyday use, the vehicle will prove itself under extreme conditions and break the world altitude record for vehicles on the highest volcano in the world. Nose supports the ambitious project with branding, vehicle design and visualizations.
Realistic renderings created enthusiasm among sponsors and supported a successful crowdsourcing campaign.
From startup to world record
DDP Innovation wants to use solar power to drive up to the 6,893 meter high Ojos del Salado in Chile as part of the Peak Evolution pilot project. At this altitude, electric motors can demonstrate their superiority. The air is too thin for combustion engines and it is a long way to the next gas station. However, there is always enough sun above the clouds to charge the batteries. The start-up wants to prove that the vehicle with the self-developed electric drive is ready for the use of e-mobility in agriculture, municipal services and ski areas.

Realistic renderings
Our renderings show the terren in the inhospitable environment on the outer edge of the Atacama Desert. This way you can feel the adventure and imagine the technical challenges before they become reality.

Convinced sponsors
The sponsors, who supported the adventure with technical know-how, materials and also financially, were able to get a realistic impression of the project.

A crowdfunding campaign was also illustrated with the renderings and helped ensure successful financing of the project. A total of almost 100,000 CHF was collected to advance the development of the vehicle.
The name of the future-oriented project shows that it has a connection to its homeland. Terren is Romansh and means earth or terrain.
At home on the other side of the world
It is a name that makes the project at home even in the most remote corners of the Atacama Desert. With individual lettering and an independent image brand, we ensure that the Terren has an unmistakable appearance.

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We were able to emotionally visualize and effectively communicate the vision, inventive spirit, and passion of the team behind Terren.

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