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The New Comfort in Travel Transportation Design

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Under the motto «At home on the go», Deutsche Bahn is bringing fresh accents for the interior of future ICE trains. In the design vision developed by Nose, practical functionality and a harmonious shape ensure a new feel-good experience.
DB Long-Distance:
DB Long-Distance:
The new interior design vision is modern, friendly and impresses with its attention to detail. Warm, natural materials and upholstery made from high-quality fabrics in nuanced colours define the new look.
Privacy Like Never Before
The new ergonomic seats are designed as a personal retreat. The back of the front seat becomes a personal space. Practical features include an integrated tablet holder, additional storage space, a coat hook and inductive charging for mobile phones. Passengers can keep a close eye on their most important personal items in a comfortable and tidy environment.

More of a Living Room Feel
Travellers should feel at home in the ICE. That is why warm woods, natural colours, modern fabrics and high-quality materials will define the appearance of the passenger compartment in the future.

Timeless design is combined with modern and durable materials. The result is visual and functional longevity.
An innovative seating concept for the onboard bistro area together with the new service colour of burgundy ensure a feel-good experience. The future interior of the ICE trains forms a design family with the newly designed DB Lounges and therefore offers a consistent travel experience at various touchpoints.
New Colour Concept
Different colours characterise the different classes and areas of the train. In first class, the warm shades of grey tie in with the new look of the DB Lounge. The subtle blue tones in second class are reminiscent of the familiar colours and therefore form a bridge to the existing fleet. The burgundy catering area echoes the colour of the new DB corporate clothing and stands for hospitality.

New Material Concept
The seat covers in first and second class are made of high-quality flat woven fabric with an 85% wool content. The material has a high tactile quality. The generous use of wood on seat backs, tables and wall panelling creates a homely atmosphere. The use of leather is more than halved.

Development Process
For the seat covers, a subtly differentiated range of yarn colours was developed in close collaboration with the manufacturer. Countless combinations were woven and tested. Both durability and visual impact were assessed.


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With the design vision, we have rethought the onboard experience of row seating in particular. We reconsidered the back of the seat from the customer's point of view. It became a friendly, helpful counterpart that accompanies the passengers throughout their journey.

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