30 Years of Nose, 199 Years of Design Experience

Products are the most important touchpoints between companies and their customers. About 30 years ago, two young Zurich designers recognized the potential to create a real competitive advantage with thoughtful functionality and sustainable aesthetics. Shortly thereafter, Ruedi Müller and Christian Harbeke founded their own design agency. Since then, Nose Design Experience has grown into one of Switzerland's most renowned and largest design agencies.

2. Nov. 2021

In the world of 1991, there was no iPhone, no Facebook, and no Google Maps. The airbag was just being invented, an unknown band from Seattle named Nirvana released their debut album, Super Nintendo changed the idea of gaming, David Lynch’s Twin Peaks brought the first addictive cult series to television, in South Africa, the last apartheid laws were annulled, and on August 6, British computer scientist Tim Berners-Lee released the first webpage at the Swiss research center CERN, thereby launching the World Wide Web.

The year 1991 was just an average year for Bordeaux red wine. But it was a good year for Design Experience. Because the idea of Ruedi Müller and Chris Harbeke fell on fertile ground. And so, the young agency was soon able to design laboratory equipment for Büchi, the magnetic levitation train Transrapid for Deutsche Bahn, and create a genuine Swiss design icon with the Mammoth logo. With user-centered design, strategic thinking, and technical expertise, further international and Swiss customers were enthused. Bikes for BMC. A groundbreaking mixing console for Studer. Rebranding for SWISS. Iconic telephone booths for Deutsche Telekom. Hearing aids for Phonak. Serving as a digital agency for Sennheiser. The luminous green of BLS and the fresh blue of KKiosk. A global signage concept for Mercedes. The first mobile banking app for PostFinance. A new TV experience for Swisscom. Atmospheric cabin interior for Edelweiss. A Europe-wide rollout for the dealer network of General Motors. The fleet for Stadler Rail. Capricorn and Glacier Express for RhB. Giruno for SBB and Traverso for Südostbahn. And so on and so forth. 30 years of Design Experience.

Ruedi Müller and Chris Harbeke agree: «Good design brings about positive change. That inspires us every day anew. There is still much to do, and we have many plans ahead!»

Hardturmstrasse 171
8005 Zürich

Landline: +41 44 533 19 00,

E-Mail: contact@nose.ch

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Schlatter corporate GmbH
Davidstrasse 45
9000 St.Gallen
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