Terren breaks altitude world record

Terren breaks altitude world record
The solar-powered multipurpose transporter Terren has advanced with its electric drive to an altitude of 5,950 meters. No electric vehicle has ever ventured higher.

30. Nov. 2023

At the highest volcano in the world, Ojos del Salado in Chile, three Swiss innovators, David Koller, Patrik Koller, and David Pröschel, are setting out to establish the altitude world record for vehicles with their electrically powered prototype. In late November, they achieved an initial success with the altitude record for electric vehicles.

Next week, the team will raise the bar even higher and aim for the overall record for all vehicle classes. The current world record stands at 6,694 meters and was set in 2019 by a Mercedes Unimog expedition.

Excitement is guaranteed. Currently, the German sports car legend Porsche is also on an expedition in the area around Ojos del Salado, albeit with combustion engine vehicles. Using modified 911s, the team from Zuffenhausen also aims to break the altitude world record. It’s an epic competition reminiscent of a Hollywood film: David against Goliath, sustainable e-mobility against traditional combustion engine technology.

Nose has supported this daring project from the beginning with design expertise and visualisations. The entire Nose team congratulates Terren on the world record, continues to keep their fingers crossed, and wishes the team much success and endurance.

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