Testdriving a new Transportation Design Experience

Testdriving a new Transportation Design Experience
Die neuen FLIRT-Züge der BLS sind in der Schweiz unterwegs. Sie übersetzen das Branding der BLS in zukunftsweisendes Transportation Design. Innen und aussen setzte Nose die richtigen Akzente für ein nachhaltiges Kundenerlebnis. Vor allem die dynamisch geschnittene Frontkabine mit ihren spektakulären Scheinwerfern sorgen für einen frischen Auftritt.

16. Jul. 2020

The new trains impress with transportation design characterized by meticulous attention to detail. The layout of the trains provides passengers with ample space, while large panoramic windows offer spectacular views. Continuous provision of power outlets caters to the needs of travelers. The FLIRT-typical low-floor entrances ensure barrier-free access. Special group compartments and an innovative catering area contribute to a contemporary, comfortable travel experience.

Anyone experiencing the new train on the route will immediately notice the expressive front section. The newly developed headlights incorporate current trends from the automotive industry. Elements from the BLS logo are integrated into the design language, creating a distinctive appearance for the new train compositions.

BLS has ordered two different versions of the trains, intended for use in long-distance travel as well as tourist RegioExpress and S-Bahn services.

Starting from the branding, NOSE has brought all design competencies to the track, including transportation, product, interior, and interaction design.

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Photo © Georg Trüb

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