Rostock’s Date with TINA

Rostock’s Date with TINA
In a Europe-wide tender by Rostock Tramway Corporation (RSAG), Stadler has been awarded the contract for 28 tram vehicles from their latest model development, TINA. We are pleased to have contributed to the success with our design development. Starting in 2025, passengers can look forward to a new level of comfort and safety.

15. Aug. 2022

In the development of the new vehicle generation, in addition to energy-efficient and quiet propulsion technology, particular emphasis was placed on passenger comfort. A spacious interior with high ceilings, friendly indirect lighting, and large panoramic windows create a pleasant travel environment. Low-floor entrances with directly adjacent multipurpose areas enable barrier-free access for wheelchair users and the relaxed transport of bicycles and strollers. All of this is complemented by Wi-Fi, continuous air conditioning in the three vehicle sections, and large ceiling monitors displaying clear travel information.

The front cabin meets the latest passive safety standards and is additionally equipped with a collision protection system that uses LIDAR and RADAR technology. The driver’s compartment features a fully digital horizontal dashboard, ensuring the widest possible field of vision for the drivers, with dynamic and situation-dependent display of driving information.

In the year 2025, the 32-meter-long vehicles, capable of accommodating 221 passengers, are scheduled to begin operating in the Hanseatic and university city of Rostock.

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