Robots with a Seventh Sense

Robots with a Seventh Sense
The ETH spin-off Sevensense, in collaboration with the department store Jelmoli, has developed a delivery robot for very specific applications. In this project, Nose has implemented a product design that combines the practical quality of the device with playful elements.

23. Aug. 2021

In a not-so-distant future, delivery robots will become an integral part of our everyday lives. However, for an autonomous machine, perceiving a highly dynamic environment and moving purposefully from point A to point B is no easy task. Many components must work together for it to function seamlessly. Sevensense utilizes a flexible platform that can be adapted to various application scenarios. At its core, it combines camera-based navigation with a localization system and intelligent, self-learning algorithms. Together, these elements create a comprehensive system with high autonomy and robustness, enabling it to reliably navigate even in crowded and rapidly changing environments, such as airports, train stations, or shopping centers.

The acceptance of robots hinges on product design. The machines must not appear overly technical, but they also shouldn’t be perceived as mere cute toys. They are meant to largely go unnoticed in daily use, only making their presence known when their services are required. Therefore, we focused on ensuring that the robot’s design strikes a balance between pragmatism and playful elements.

The peripherals of the device consist of everyday components such as wheels, ball bearings, batteries, motors, a display, and more. NOSE contributed an innovative concept to enable the prototype to be realized with reasonable effort. We combined standard components with custom parts from a 3D printer.

Sevensense introduced the delivery robot to the public as a showcase product at the beginning of August. This allows the technical concept to be tested in real-world scenarios from now on.

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