Respect, Prototype, Learn, Iterate!

Respect, Prototype, Learn, Iterate!
For addicts and their relatives, the web is a first point of contact and an important source of information. When relaunching the Klinik Im Hasel website, the focus was on addressing the target groups in a respectful and targeted manner. The Nose Interactive Experience Team ensured communication at eye level in concept, design and implementation.

24. Jul. 2020

The Klink Im Hasel is part of the Von Effinger Foundation, which is dedicated to helping addicts. It is present at several locations and offers a first point of contact in the outpatient clinic at Lenzburg train station. The website is another important point of contact. It offers those affected the opportunity to obtain information in complete anonymity and to make discreet contact.

Another target group of the website are referring doctors and institutions. The website therefore gives the assignment form and the subsequent process a central role.

The Im Hasel Clinic also offers opportunities for professional training. Corresponding offers are addressed in the academy area and are aimed at a professional audience.

During the course of the project, the corporate design of Klinik Im Hasel was expanded for use on the web. The appearance is rounded off by the poetic illustrations by Peter Schönwandt.

Nose’s Interactive Experience Team ensured that the project focused on the different target groups. Right from the start, we ensured the continuous integration of the concepts into the prototype, which we developed step by step into the finished website. The result is a web presence that communicates with its visitors at eye level.

Klinik Im Hasel
From Effinger Stiftung
Aarau Integration Center

Hardturmstrasse 171
8005 Zürich

Landline: +41 44 533 19 00,


Web Development:
Schlatter corporate GmbH
Davidstrasse 45
9000 St.Gallen
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