Crispy Brand Experience with a Topping

Crispy Brand Experience with a Topping
A new food trend is making its way through Switzerland: French fries are the main course, everything else is a side dish. The crispy sticks made from the finest potatoes are served with branding from Nose. Mouthwatering!

31. Aug. 2020

For over 100 years, fried potato sticks have accompanied kitchens as a side dish. But are they just a simple side dish? No! The culinary experts at the Swiss gastro start-up frits! believe in French fries and have placed them at the heart of a delicious idea. At frits!, the fries take center stage and come with a variety of tasty toppings: exotic or with local Swiss flair, with meat or vegan, spicy or mild. From Canada to Mexico, Tel Aviv, and India, back to Switzerland, frits! accompanies the fried tuber on an exciting culinary journey around the world. There’s something for every taste!

As diverse as the recipes are, the brand identity developed by Nose is equally captivating. A brand that works perfectly on the go with the food truck, as a fast-food restaurant, and as a virtual presence on the internet, and is unmistakable. The logo and slogan, the design of the authentic food truck, and the sleek website all come together seamlessly. Let’s frits!

Hardturmstrasse 171
8005 Zürich

Landline: +41 44 533 19 00,


Web Development:
Schlatter corporate GmbH
Davidstrasse 45
9000 St.Gallen
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