The New Standard in Swiss Regional Transportation

The New Standard in Swiss Regional Transportation
Stadler Rail has secured the largest contract in Swiss railway history. SBB, in collaboration with Thurbo and RegionAlps, has placed an order for up to 510 new single-deck FLIRT trains for regional transportation. As a design partner, Nose has played a significant role in contributing to this major success.

11. Okt. 2021

SBB and its two subsidiary companies are embracing a platform that has proven its worth worldwide. The FLIRT (an acronym for F-linker L-eichter I-nnovativer R-egional T-riebzug), a true Swiss export success story, has been sold by Stadler Rail around 2,500 times since 2003. It can be experienced in Switzerland as the Traverso in the pre-Alpine region and on the classic Gotthard route, serves the Norwegian State Railways up to the Arctic Circle, connects Dallas Airport to public transportation in the United States, operates as an S-Bahn in Algiers, and travels in both short and long-distance capacities for many other railway companies around the world. The new FLIRTs are replacing existing rolling stock in Switzerland and are becoming the new standard in regional transportation.

Nose has been a design partner in the development of the FLIRT for a long time and continues to introduce innovative features for the new generation. The interior design maintains a consistently high-quality appearance and increased comfort despite resource-optimized construction. The customer experience for wheelchair users has been further improved. Additionally, Nose has ensured comfortable travel with bicycles, strollers, and large luggage in the modern multifunctional compartments.

SBB, Thurbo, and RegionAlps plan to place an initial order for 286 vehicles. The new rolling stock is expected to be in service by the end of 2025, helping to accommodate the growing number of passengers in Switzerland and making an effective contribution to the transportation transformation.

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