Excellence in Innovation

Excellence in Innovation
At the Swiss Design Prize ceremony on November 3rd, the Giruno high-speed train was awarded the Design Leadership Prize in the focus topic Aging Society. The Giruno was designed by Nose on behalf of Stadler Rail and has been used by the SBB on the north-south axis through the Gotthard Base Tunnel since 2019.

7. Nov. 2018


«Good design means solving problems, and the Giruno project is a prime example of this old, unfortunately often disregarded principle of design,» is how the jury explains its vote. «It is an impressive achievement in itself to be able to complete a design task that is so overloaded with all kinds of requirements within a short period of time, without losing sight of central objectives such as accessibility. The way in which this has been achieved with the Giruno makes the new high-speed train (…) a reference project in terms of barrier-free design.»

The Swiss Design Prize focuses on the role of design as a key economic discipline and driver of innovation and emphasizes its lasting impact on a societal and societal level. When developing the Giruno, great attention was paid to accessibility. The train is the first of its kind to be equipped with a low-floor entrance suitable for two platform heights, which makes getting on and off much easier. The circulation areas in the interior are dimensioned so that the dining car and the disabled-accessible toilets can be easily reached in a wheelchair. Wheelchair spaces also have special folding tables. The seats are also numbered in Braille. The barrier-free design of the train was checked and optimized with test subjects during development. In this way, the SBB is living up to its motto “On the move at home” for people with limited mobility and seniors and offering them a real increase in quality of life.

«Design is teamwork. It is nice that the collaboration with Stadler Rail and SBB is recognized in this context. This motivates us all to continue on this path,” says Christian Harbeke, partner and founder of Nose.

Link: Design Leadership Prize: Focus Aging Society


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