Start-up Design Experience.

Start-up Design Experience.
The Swiss start-up Lost-Tag had a brilliant business idea. Noseprovided the innovative Lost-and-Found service with a comprehensive design concept, giving it a distinctive identity.

6. Aug. 2020

Lost-Tag is a web-based Lost-and-Found service. Items such as keys, suitcases, smartphones, etc., can be marked with tags optimized for their respective use and registered on a website. The contact between the owner and the finder is then facilitated through a streamlined web service. Due to this cost-effective infrastructure, this service can be offered indefinitely for free. The usual subscription fees are waived.

Lost-Tags can also be offered by companies as durable promotional items with their own branding. It’s a giveaway that their customers will use and enjoy for a long time, creating an emotional connection to the brand.

Nose was able to provide versatile support to the start-up. With a new logo, slogan, product design, iconography, visual language, sales presentations, interaction design, etc., we defined the entire service experience for the new brand.

Hardturmstrasse 171
8005 Zürich

Landline: +41 44 533 19 00,


Web Development:
Schlatter corporate GmbH
Davidstrasse 45
9000 St.Gallen
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